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Create a scalable and reliable tech stack powered by HubSpot

Solutions architecture is a fancy name for translating complex business requirements into practical technology solutions.

In other words, our agency can help you document processes, identify areas for improvement and design a scalable technical infrastructure.

The best part? Our expertise goes beyond just technical consulting: we can also help you implement and integrate HubSpot with all of the recommended third-party platforms.

Create your ideal tech stack
HubSpot Solutions Architecture by Kiwi Creative

We know how to design tech stacks for HubSpot users, just like you

Kiwi Creative was fantastic. We had done our own HubSpot implementation and realized there were opportunities to improve our utilization of HubSpot. The Kiwi team provided a comprehensive evaluation report that included best practices and recommendations to improve how we were using the system.
Rob, Claritas Rx
Rob, Vice President Marketing
Claritas Rx

Our Solutions Architecture Process

Solution Design

Solution Design=”hubspot-crm-solution-design-desc”>one pager with graphs and info on it
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, both technical and non-technical
  • Analyze and document requirements
  • Create a visual map of existing systems processes
  • Provide recommendations and roadmaps

Solution Management

User Traininggroup of people at a table being trained
  • Lead the project management strategy
  • Sequence phases of the solution design
  • Communicate with developers to construct the solution
  • Consolidate essential resources
  • Identify risks and mitigation plans
  • Manage stakeholder communication

Solution Implementation

Solution Implementationsettings gear sourunded by a chain link of four checkmarks
  • Verify that the implemented solution works
  • Document and share best practice knowledge
  • Monitor the solution’s performance
  • Train users and teams
  • Ensure stakeholder satisfaction

As a 3x accredited HubSpot agency partner, we’re also experts at:

Disconnected systems create disconnected people

The average company uses dozens of SaaS subscriptions, each with its own data and processes.

This lack of connectivity means there’s no one place tying all of that information together. The result? Everyone at your company is working in silos without a complete picture of the customer journey.

At the end of the day, that means you’re probably spending more time trying to connect data than actually connecting with your customers.

Fix disconnected systems
HubSpot Solutions Architecture - Disconnected Systems

Gain visibility with a connected CRM

By designing a HubSpot-powered technical infrastructure, you’ll have access to all of the crucial data needed to grow your business.

We’ll balance the needs of business, people, data and technology to create a connected CRM—seamlessly integrated with other speciality platforms—that will become the single “source of truth” for customer information.

After all, just because your business processes are complex doesn’t mean your tech stack has to be!

Access the data you need in HubSpot
HubSpot Solutions Architecture - Gain Visibility

We know how to design tech stacks for HubSpot users, just like you

I reached out to Kiwi with a simple plea for help: I needed an unbiased perspective to assess our HubSpot portal and provide clarity amid the overwhelming amount of information. Kiwi came through! They highlighted our strengths, identified areas where we could achieve quick wins and offered numerous suggestions for long-term improvement.
Graham, Jackrabbit Technologies
Graham, Head of Marketing Operations
Jackrabbit Technologies

Get a connected and scalable CRM

Let our solutions architects design a reliable tech solution—centered around the HubSpot ecosystem—that will grow with your business.

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