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Learn how to use your new HubSpot portal

HubSpot requires all new customers undergo training when they purchase a pro- or enterprise-level tier of their software. The good news? They'll waive the mandatory onboarding fee if you use an agency partner, like us!

During our 90-day HubSpot onboarding program, we'll develop a personalized and actionable training plan that will teach you how to use the highest-priority tools within your new tech stack. You'll hit the ground running in no time at all!

Start HubSpot Onboarding

We’re experts at onboarding brand-new HubSpot users, just like you

Kiwi Creative is a HubSpot encyclopedia! You got questions? They have (virtually) all the answers. Kiwi made our HubSpot onboarding incredibly informative and (more importantly for me) fun! If I could give them 10 stars, I would.
Lauren, Manager of Revenue Operations
Recycle Coach

During onboarding, you could learn how to…

HubSpot CRM

  • Clean and import data
  • Customize lifecycle stages
  • Set up lead scoring
  • Create custom contact, company and deal properties
  • Manage marketing contacts
  • Set up user permissions and content partitioning
  • Implement GDPR requirements
  • Create forms and notification workflows
  • Create reporting dashboards
  • Connect apps through HubSpot integrations

HubSpot Marketing Hub

  • Create email subscription types
  • Send one-off and recurring marketing emails
  • Create landing and thank you pages
  • Schedule social media posts
  • Tag marketing assets to campaigns
  • Create pop-up forms
  • Set up live chat and/or chatbots
  • Implement dependent, hidden and progressive form fields
  • Use smart content to personalize marketing outreach
  • Connect Google, Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns

HubSpot Sales Hub

  • Create shared playbooks
  • Automate sales sequences
  • Generate quotes
  • Set up multiple deal pipelines
  • Calculate lead scoring
  • Schedule meetings with an online calendar link
  • Save frequently used text as snippets
  • Create sales templates
  • Set up call tracking
  • Automate task assignments
  • Forecast pipeline revenue
  • Monitor rep productivity
  • Sync info with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

HubSpot Service Hub

  • Set up a help desk and ticketing
  • Send feedback surveys
  • Write knowledge base articles
  • Create a customer portal
  • Optimize a shared inbox
  • Build service playbooks
  • Use conversation intelligence
  • Create SLAs
  • Automate customer service
  • Make outbound calls with VoIP software

HubSpot Content Hub

HubSpot Content Hub
  • Use AI-powered content tools, like Blog Generation, Content Remix, Podcasts and more
  • Install a theme from the marketplace
  • Build pages using the drag n’ drop editor
  • Capture leads
  • Analyze traffic patterns
  • Create memberships
  • Partition content
  • Set up A/B testing
  • Use smart content

Adopting new technology can be hard…and frustrating

HubSpot is a powerful and user-friendly platform, but without the proper training it’s easy for new users to become overwhelmed.

This can lead to a low adoption rate, poor data, broken integrations and an inability measure ROI.

Pretty soon, the excitement of a new shiny tool will wear off and you’ll be left with a software program your team doesn’tᅠfully understand how to use.

That’s if they even want to use it at all.

Master new technology
Adopting new technology can be hard…and frustrating

Set up HubSpot the right way from the get-go

With the proper onboarding partner, you’ll learn how HubSpot can seamlessly connect your data, teams and customers on one CRM platform that grows with your business.

We’ll show you how to set up HubSpot for success from day #1 so you can streamline your marketing, sales and service efforts in no time. (Hint: it involves a lot of planning before you start pushing buttons.)

The end goal? To teach you how to be as self sufficient as possible in the platform.

Learn from the experts
Set up HubSpot the right way from the get-go

How much does HubSpot onboarding cost?

HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot Sales Hub
Starting at

HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot Service Hub
Starting at

FAQs about HubSpot onboarding

  • What will we learn during onboarding?

    While all brand-new HubSpot accounts need to do some similar set up items, beyond that our HubSpot experts will design an onboarding plan customized for you based on:

    • Your highest priority goals with HubSpot
    • The size and complexity of your organization
    • The HubSpot products you purchased
    • Your current technology stack and how it integrates with HubSpot

    Need a landing page ASAP but won’t be blogging in the near future? We’ve got you! Big into email, but not interested in chatbots? No problem.

    In other words, we’ll focus on what’s most important to YOU to make sure you’re up and running as quickly as possible.

  • How long does onboarding take?

    HubSpot is a robust software program that can’t be mastered in a day or even a week.

    That’s why we’ve created a 60-90-day program to get you up and running quickly—without cutting any corners!

    For example, our Marketing Pro onboarding program includes 10 half-hour virtual training calls over the course of approximately three months. You’ll also have 1-3 hours/week of “homework” to complete between lessons.

  • Who from your agency will lead onboarding?

    Our agency holds an elite HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation and is a long-time member of their Partner Scaled Onboarding program.

    As such, we have multiple employees who are skilled at training brand-new users on how to use HubSpot. Your exact HubSpot expert will be assigned when you sign the contract, based on availability.

  • What tasks will we need to do during onboarding?

    Think of onboarding as going to HubSpot 101 in college.

    As your professor, we’ll develop a lesson plan and teach virtual classes weekly/bi-weekly. In between, we’ll assign you homework to set up the tools we’ve taught you how to use in the previous lesson. This means you’ll need to dedicate another 1-3 hours/week on average to set up tasks on your own.

    If you need technical help between sessions, we encourage you to use HubSpot’s in-app support tools, including live chat, knowledge base, etc., but we’re also available to answer bigger picture questions via email.

  • Can’t you just set up all the tools for us?

    If you sign on with our agency for an ongoing retainer, HubSpot will waive the mandatory onboarding fee. Otherwise, we’re required to teach someone on your team how to use the tools so you can be self-sufficient going forward.

    If you’d like us to actually “do” the work as well, we’re happy to quote these add-on projects separately. This could include things like:

    • Creating custom contact/company properties
    • Building landing page and email templates
    • Setting up lead scoring
    • Connecting integrations
    • Creating static/active lists
    • Creating email subscription types
    • Creating custom reporting dashboards
    • The list goes on!
  • How much does onboarding cost?

    Costs vary based on the specific level of each Hub you’ve purchased.

    HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding (90-day program)

    • Professional: $3,000
    • Enterprise: $6,000

    HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding (60-day program)

    • Professional: $1,500
    • Enterprise: $3,500

    HubSpot Service Hub Onboarding. (60-day program)

    • Professional: $1,500
    • Enterprise: $3,500

We’re experts at onboarding brand-new HubSpot users, just like you

We loved our experience onboarding to HubSpot with Kiwi Creative. They are a wealth of information, extremely detailed and helped immensely to keep us organized. Our rep skillfully moved us through the 90-day program making sure we touched on everything we needed to know before our time was up. The follow-up emails after our meetings continue to be a great ongoing resource for us to use time and time again.
Tara, VP Revenue Operations
Wily Global

Learn to use HubSpot like the pros

We’ll teach your team how to use HubSpot to its full potential during our customized—and fun!—onboarding program.

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