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Close more deals at your tech company with sales enablement

What happens when MQLs get passed off to sales? If you don't have proper alignment between sales and marketing, you probably won't like the answer.

To ensure prospects have a consistent, on-brand experience throughout their entire buying journey, it's important to ensure sales has the resources they need to effectively close deals.

If that sounds like a dream come true, let our agency increase the number—and average size—of closed deals through our sales enablement services.

Empower your sales team

We’ve united sales and marketing teams at B2B software and tech companies, just like yours

Kiwi’s commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome has amazed me. Regardless of the complexity of the task, they always provided guidance, support and valuable insights. Their dedication to our success was evident in every interaction. They’re absolute rockstars with deep knowledge, exceptional communication skills and a fantastic sense of humor.
Luana, Marketing Manager
iXCells Biotechnologies

Align your sales and marketing teams


role=”img” aria-labelledby=”sales-enablement-strategy-title sales-enablement-strategy-desc”>Strategystrategy board with x’s and o’s on it
  • Buyer personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Positioning statement
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sales playbooks
  • SLAs

CRM Technology

CRM Technologythe word crm with two people underneath
  • Company, deal and lead scoring
  • Lifecycle stages
  • Custom properties
  • Forms
  • Integrations
  • Duplicate contact management

Sales Collateral

Sales Collateraltrifold brochure with info on it
  • Battle cards
  • Pitch decks
  • Proposal templates
  • Cheat sheets
  • Case studies
  • Brochures
  • Trade show promotions

Playbooks + Scripts

Playbooks + Scriptspaper icon with checkmarks on it
  • Automated email sequences
  • Task follow ups
  • Email templates and snippets
  • Phone scripts
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator outreach


Reportingpaper with graph
  • Deal forecasting
  • Rep productivity performance
  • Rep leaderboards
  • Average deal properties
  • Sequence performance
  • Revenue attribution reporting

Experiencing these sales enablement issues? We can help.

Wrong timing

Sales and marketing can’t agree on the criteria for lead scoring or lifecycle stages, so leads are either contacted too early or too late.

Off-brand sales materials

Sales is creating their own collateral that isn’t consistent with the brand messaging and visuals established by marketing.

Poor buyer’s journey

Prospects are having a drastically different experience once marketing hands them off to the sales department for follow up.

Varying sales process

Each sales rep follows a slightly different process when qualifying leads since there aren’t formal rules established by an SLA or playbooks.

Incomplete CRM data

Sales reps aren’t consistent about recording data in your CRM, resulting in incomplete records that make accurate reporting next to impossible.

Lack of reporting

Managers are unsure how individual reps are performing and have a difficult time forecasting deals to predict revenue.

Misaligned marketing and sales departments lose deals

Improperly defining lifecycle stages can cause sales to reach out too early…or too late. Letting sales people create their own collateral will result in off-brand, unprofessional material. And not implementing standardized playbooks forces reps to make up their own outreach rules.

In other words, failing to abide by sales enablement best practices will create a bumpy journey for your prospects that can stall deals and result in lost revenue.

It’s no wonder sales and marketing seem to always be at odds with one another.

Avoid sales pitfalls
Misaligned marketing and sales departments lose deals

Win more opportunities and increase deal size

Working with an expert in sales enablement for B2B software and tech companies will accelerate your sales process and increase your average deal size.

When you remove the friction that can occur during the handoff from marketing to sales, you’ll see an immediate improvement in your deal forecast and happier, long-term customers.

Now that’s what we call a win all the way around!

Align sales and marketing
Win more opportunities and increase deal size

We’ve united sales and marketing teams at B2B software and tech companies, just like yours

To say that Kiwi Creative makes my job easier is an understatement. They just “get” our business and understand the quality of work we expect without the hassle of having to over explain our projects. I know that when I give a project to Kiwi, they will get it done and done right!
Dayna from Pyramid Solutions
Dayna, Marketing Executive
Pyramid Solutions

Align your sales and marketing teams

Speed up time to close and increase deal value by reducing friction during the buying process with our sales enablement services.

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