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Get quick marketing wins for your tech company

Most agencies lock you into year-long contracts that take months to produce any real value. Not us. In just one week—and with a starting investment of only $1,500—we'll give you a roadmap to marketing success.

We call our report an Action Plan because it's just that—actionable! Your team will receive a prioritized to-do list along with a 90-minute consultation call to get more value out of your HubSpot portal, Google Ads campaigns or WordPress website.

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Why do tech companies choose our agency for quick marketing wins?

Working with Kiwi Creative has been an absolute pleasure! Aside from their responsiveness and quick turnaround, the team continues to provide exceptional quality of work. We’re excited to continue growing our brand with Kiwi Creative!
Christina from Champion ONE
Christina, Marketing Manager
Champion ONE

HubSpot Action Plan

You pay a lot for your HubSpot subscription, but how effectively are you using the tools within your portal?

We’ll let you know where there are opportunities for quick wins within HubSpot Marketing, Sales and CRM.

Our HubSpot Action Plan will show you:

  • Tips for cleaning up data, customizing contact/company records and segmenting contacts into active lists
  • How you could be using HubSpot’s advanced tools for automated lead gen and nurturing
  • Ways to work toward sales and marketing alignment by utilizing meetings, sequences, customized pipelines, lead scoring and more
Maximize HubSpot

Website Action Plan

Is your site struggling to attract and convert visitors?

We’ll examine your SEO rankings, user experience and behind-the-scenes technical elements to formulate a plan for must-do website tweaks.

Our Website Action Plan will show you:

  • Insights into your authority score, organic keywords, backlinks and more…including how you rank against competitors
  • How design and information architecture impacts how a user navigates your site and influences if they’ll convert
  • What Google sees behind-the-scenes and how these technical elements can affect site performance
Level up your website

PPC Action Plan

Dumping money into Google Ads, but not seeing a positive ROI?

We’ll look at your bidding strategy, ad copy and landing page experience, then develop a customized plan to reduce CPC and still get quality leads.

Our PPC Action Plan will show you:

  • How to balance cost and keyword competitiveness with a bid strategy that will get you qualified clicks without breaking the bank
  • Ways to make your ad stand out from others on Google with specific, compelling copy that makes a prospect want to click to learn more
  • The key landing page design elements necessary to turn that ad click into a conversion before they bounce
Dominate Google Ads

How much do Action Plans cost?

Action Plans

Website Action Plan
Flate-rate of
Delivered in one week

Action Plans

PPC Action Plan
Flate-rate of
Delivered in one week

Why do tech companies choose our agency for quick marketing wins?

Kiwi was very responsive, easy to work with, helpful and available to answer our questions.
Bob from Quadax
Bob, Marketing Director

One week + $1,500+ = a roadmap to success

Get a customized action plan to improve your HubSpot portal, Google Ads campaigns or WordPress website in just one week for a flat rate starting at $1,500.

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