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Bring your tech brand to life with our creative and branding services

Buyers don't always purchase based on logic. Oftentimes, decisions are driven by emotion. In other words, how people feel about your company can be just as important as the actual benefits of the products/services you offer.

Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul of your brand or just need a light refresh of collateral for a more modern look, our creative team of branding and design experts is ready to help.

Visualize your brand

We experts at building impactful B2B software and tech brands, just like yours

We were under a tight timeline when we engaged Kiwi to help us with our branding and messaging. The team listened to our wants and needs, was able to quickly interpret them and delivered an actionable project plan that satisfied our timeline. We are extremely happy with the project outcome. It’s been a little over a year working with Kiwi and I’m happy to say we continue to be pleased with the work they deliver.
Tiffany, Head of Marketing

As a 3x accredited HubSpot agency partner, we’re also experts at:

How we create impactful brands

  • Build the foundation - Define what your company actually stands for.

    Build the foundation

    Define what your company actually stands for.

    Every successful brand needs a solid foundation—it’s the basis of the why, where and how of your brand.

    Whether you’re looking to create this from scratch or just needing a light refresh, we’re here to help you clearly define your brand’s three core pillars:

    • Mission: the reason why the company exists
    • Vision: the aspirational view of what a company wants to achieve
    • Core values: 3-5 beliefs that inform a company’s decision-making and behavior
  • Define personas

    Understand precisely who you’re targeting.

    How? By creating buyer personas—a fictional representation of your ideal customer, informed by research, psychographic and demographic information. 

    More specifically, our persona profiles include:

    • Stock photos, names and job titles to bring your persona to life and make them relatable
    • Company overview of where your buyer works
    • Motivations detailing what they want to achieve
    • Frustrations explaining the hurdles they face
    • Objections to engaging with your brand
    • Key messaging to highlight talking points that will resonate with this audience
  • Craft messaging

    Standardize how you’ll talk about your brand.

    The messaging phase is more than benefits and features—it establishes the tone and sentiment of how you’ll deliver content that resonates with your audience. 

    We develop the following components to capture your brand’s voice during the messaging stage:

    • Brand differentiators: what you do different (and better!) than the competition
    • Personality adjectives: if your brand was a person, would it be professional, but not stuffy? Fun, but not immature?
    • Tone of voice: adjectives to describe your writing style, such as authentic, meaningful and substantive
    • Writing rules: do you follow AP standards? Use contractions? What abut the Oxford comma?
    • Positioning statements: short, medium and long versions of an “elevator pitch” that embodies your brand and communicates your value proposition
  • Content Development - Content is king.

    Create visuals

    Bring your brand to life through creative brand design.

    With your messaging platform in place, it’s time to tackle the visual side of your brand where we’ll create elements like:

    • Logo that will work in a variety of sizes, colors and formats
    • Typography rules for print and online formats
    • Color palettes for primary and secondary colors
    • Iconography for use on websites, collateral and more
    • Photo style to standardize the look of stock and custom photography
    • Brand book to tie all of the messaging and visual rules into one comprehensive document

  • Brand release - Shout out your new brand from the rooftops.

    Brand release

    Shout out your new brand from the rooftops.

    Don’t let your brand launch go unnoticed. First educate your internal team to build advocates. Then plan an external campaign to release it into the public with a bang!

    We often use tactics such as:

    • Launch party with staff, clients, influencers and media
    • Branded swag that’s way cooler than a stress ball
    • Press releases and website updates
    • Announcements on social media, via email, etc.
    • Sales enablement toolkits to educate staff on how to communicate your new brand externally

Let’s work together to solve your branding + creative challenges

Need ongoing, strategic support?

If you need a long-term creative partner who will act as an extension of your marketing team, we suggest a retainer relationship.

We’ll help you define goals, create a customized game plan and report on results every month.

With a retainer, you’ll enjoy:

  • A strategy that balances quick wins with long-term planning
  • A “point pricing” model to ensure you get the full value of every dollar spent, regardless of how many hours it takes to deliver
  • Flexible contracts that can increase/decrease at any time
  • Month-end reporting to review performance and make adjustments
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins with your Account Manager
  • First-priority access to our team of subject matter experts
  • Log-in creds for our easy-to-use online project management portal
Retainer Pricing

Have a one-time project?

If you need help with a big rebranding project—or just a couple items on your branding to-do list—we suggest working with us on a project basis.

We’ll help you define a clear scope of work, set payment terms and wrap up work by the specified deadline.

With project-based work, you’ll get:

  • A traditional client/vendor relationship
  • A clearly defined scope of work
  • A flat-rate quote (though sometimes it’s easier to bill hourly)
  • An Account Manager to act as your main point of contact
  • Access to our team of subject matter experts
  • Log-in creds for our easy-to-use online project management portal
Project Pricing

We experts at building impactful B2B software and tech brands, just like yours

It’s great having a partner like Kiwi because not only have they helped us with projects, they understand our brand and how we work! It’s like working with coworkers and I think I speak for everyone in our department when I say they’re our go-to agency!
Katie, Digital Marketing Director

Bring your tech brand to life

Through strategy and design, our creative branding experts can help your tech company stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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