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Invest in a trusted agency partner to accelerate your tech company's growth

Wondering how much it costs to work with us? Good news: unlike other agencies, we don't hide behind our pricing.

If you're looking for an ongoing partner, we've developed transparent retainer models optimized to balance quick wins and long-term strategy starting at $4,500/month.

Need help to launch a one-time project? We'll give you a flat-rate quote or hourly estimate once we nail down project specs.

Yes, it really is that simple!

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How we can work together?

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One-Time Project

If you need help with just a couple items on your to-do list, we suggest working with us on a project basis.

We’ll help you define a clear scope of work, set payment terms and wrap up work by the specified deadline.

Not sure where to start?

Website Action Plan

Is your site struggling to attract and convert visitors?

We’ll examine your SEO rankings, user experience and behind-the-scenes technical elements to formulate a plan for must-do website tweaks.

PPC Action Plan

Dumping money into Google Ads, but not seeing a positive ROI?

We’ll look at your bidding strategy, ad copy and landing page experience, then develop a customized plan to reduce CPC and still get quality leads.

Serving a Diverse Range of Tech Sectors

  • Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Centers
  • Hardware
  • Healthcare IT
  • MSPs
  • SaaS
  • Telecom
  • VARs
  • …and Beyond!

Why do tech companies choose our agency?

Working with Kiwi Creative was a great experience: their team is friendly and makes the creative process extremely easy, always delivering a solution that beats expectations and deadlines.
Jay from PartsSource
Jay, PartsSource, Marketing Manager

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