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Stop wasting money on Google Ads

Our PPC Action Plan will show you how to increase clicks and generate quality leads from paid search, all while reducing your overall ad spend.

The best news? This isn't some generic checklist—you'll get a customized action plan in just one week for $1,500.

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You'll get quick wins regarding:

Bid Strategy

Strategystrategy board with multiple x’s and o’s on it

Learn how to balance cost and keyword competitiveness with a bid strategy that will get you qualified clicks without breaking the bank.

Ad Copy

Content Creationsettings gear with logos around it

Make your ad stand out from others on Google with specific, compelling copy that makes a prospect want to click to learn more.

Landing Pages

Design + Developmentmonitor with a paint brush over it

Understand the key landing page design elements necessary to turn that ad click into a conversion before they bounce.

PPC Action Plan FAQs

  • How much does it cost?

    That’s an easy one: it’s a flat rate of $1,500!

  • How long does it take to complete?

    Once we have back-end access to your Google Ads portal, we only need one week to complete the Action Plan.

  • Does everybody get the same generic checklist?

    Absolutely not!

    Everyone uses Google Ads differently, so each of our Action Plans offers up advice unique to your specific company.

  • What do I actually “get” at the end?

    Our Google Ads experts will assess your current campaign performance by reviewing your bid strategy, ad copy and landing page experience as compared to industry best practices and your competitors. We’ll also include actionable steps for how you can improve your PPC performance going forward.

    Once we’re done with the Action Plan, we’ll review our top recommendations for quick wins during an interactive 90-minute presentation with your team.

    After the video call, we’ll send over the full report, which is often 20+ pages! (You know, just a little light nighttime reading.)

  • What’s in this big report?

    Our PPC Action Plans can be pretty in-depth (i.e., 20+ pages), but they’re broken down into easy-to-digest sections so you can quickly reference the areas most important to you.

    Here’s a sample table of contents for a company spending $50k/month in Google Ads:

    • Summary
      • Main areas of concern
      • Immediate areas for improvement
      • Future areas for improvement
    • Paid search comparison chart
    • Google Ads
      • Competitor comparison
      • Campaign structure
      • Ad groups
      • Ads + extensions
    • Google Display Network
      • Campaign structure
      • Ads + extensions
    • Landing pages
      • Forms
      • Offer
      • Messaging
    • Tracking
      • Conversion tracking
      • Integrations
  • Who needs to implement your recommendations?

    Many of our suggestions are simple and can be done by your team immediately! Others are more strategic and may require you to think through how you want to use content and landing pages to drive paid lead gen strategies.

    Either way, if you have a PPC expert who can “do” what we’re recommending, feel free to take our Action Plan and implement everything in-house.

    But if you need a helping hand, we’re here for short-term project work or even an ongoing retainer relationship.

    More about project pricing

    More about retainer pricing

You’re one step away from improving your ROI from Google Ads

As a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in Google Ads, our PPC Action Plan can show your organization how to:

  • Maximize your bid strategy
  • Use campaigns and ad groups properly
  • Write CTAs that resonate with your audience
  • Include negative keywords to reduce ad spend
  • Target website visitors via display ads
  • Create conversion-oriented landing pages
  • Ensure conversion tracking is recording accurate data
  • And more!

If you’re ready to partner with an agency committed to exceeding your PPC goals, book a time to chat.