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Connect with your audience through a compelling brand story

We understand that your brand is more than just a pretty logo or catchy tagline—it's the entire essence of your organization. And we're here to help you build it.

The end result? A unique brand strategy that will forge an emotional connection with your audience and separate you from the competition.

Create your brand's story

We’ve created brand strategies for B2B software and tech companies, just like yours

We went from an idea to a complete new name and brand identity in less than four months. The team at Kiwi Creative guided us through the entire journey and offered an agile approach that allowed us to meet our aggressive timeline. To take a brand that has been around for over 40 years and create a new, fresh image is a tough task—we couldn’t have done it without our partners at Kiwi Creative.
Eric from Kiriworks
Eric, CEO

Create an authentic brand that stands above the rest

Market Research

role=”img” aria-labelledby=”brand-strategy-market-research-title brand-strategy-market-research-desc”>market researchmagnifying glass zoned in a person with text info surrounding it
  • Brand analysis of current and aspirational competitors
  • Survey of key stakeholders
  • Interviews with prospects and current clients
  • Review of mission, vision and core values

Branding Workshop

role=”img” aria-labelledby=”brand-strategy-branding-workshop-title brand-strategy-branding-workshop-desc”>branding workshopImage of three people speaking and collaborating with speech bubbles in-between all of them
  • Defining your ideal customers and their problems
  • Understanding how you can guide them to success
  • Identifying the CTA you want prospects to take
  • Painting a clear picture of success…and failure

Naming + Taglines

role=”img” aria-labelledby=”brand-strategy-naming-title brand-strategy-naming-desc”>namingtwo buildings with a shield that has a checkmark
  • Keyword research
  • Domain availability
  • Basic linguistics analysis
  • Google visual associations
  • Initial USPTO TESS search

Messaging + Voice

Messagingtwo overlapping chat bubbles
  • Buyer personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • Core services
  • Messaging framework
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Personality adjectives
  • Elevator pitches

Brand Design

role=”img” aria-labelledby=”brand-strategy-brand-design-title brand-strategy-brand-design-desc”>brand-designthree dimensional a letter being edited and designed
  • Logo design
  • Moodboards
  • Image library
  • Illustration and icon guidelines
  • Typography
  • Color palettes
  • Brand standards book
  • Collateral design

Experiencing these branding issues? We can help.

Similar to competition

All of the brands in your space seem the same…including yours.

Outdated positioning

Your company has evolved, but your brand remains stuck in the past.

Unclear messaging

Prospects have a hard time understanding what you actually “do” and why it matters.

Mismatched visuals

Your website, collateral and other marketing assets don’t match.

Complex structure

You’re struggling to roll acquired companies and new products into your brand umbrella.

Inconsistent voice

Your brand’s personality isn’t consistent between media channels.

You’ve got one shot for your brand to make a good first impression

You may be the world’s best company with a revolutionary product to match, but if your branding doesn’t reflect that you’re setting yourself up for failure.

That’s because prospective buyers will form an immediate opinion of your tech company based on their very first encounter with your brand.

If your brand is generic or inauthentic, you’ll blend in with your competitors and lose customers before they even get to know you.

Stand out from the crowd
You’ve got one shot for your brand to make a good first impression

Craft an inspiring brand story to separate yourself from competitors

The software and tech space is becoming more crowded every day, but with a solid brand strategy your company can shine above the rest.

Whether you’re an established organization in need of a brand refresh or a SaaS start-up looking to disrupt (or invent!) a category, we strive to create strong technology brands that generate demand and create customer loyalty.

Craft a brand strategy
Craft an inspiring brand story to separate yourself from competitors

We’ve created brand strategies for B2B software and tech companies, just like yours

Being that our business is highly technical, it’s hard to find marketing professionals that can distill what we do into a form most can understand. The team at Kiwi Creative really does this incredibly well and crafts our messaging in a really accessible way.
Jason from WAN Dynamics
Jason, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
WAN Dynamics

Create an authentic tech brand

Let us guide you through the process of developing a compelling brand story that leaves a lasting impression.

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