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Migrate data to HubSpot without any hiccups

Don't stress about moving from a legacy CRM platform. With the help of our technical HubSpot experts, you can rest easy knowing even the most complex data records will be mapped and migrated properly.

From data architecture, to migration API development and beyond, our rigorous migration process will ensure you have the historical insight you need within your new brand-new CRM.

Migrate to HubSpot
HubSpot Solutions Architecture by Kiwi Creative

We specialize in data migration for HubSpot users, just like you

When it was time to migrate our CRM to HubSpot, we spoke with several different agencies but Kiwi Creative was the clear winner for the project. We knew we could count on them to understand our business and our customers to help us implement our CRM in a way that would help us to manage our business in the best way.
Tammy, Content Marketer

Our data migration Process

Data Analysis

System Analysismagnifying glass over a monitor analyzing information
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Map out use of legacy CRM
  • Document data to be migrated
  • Categorize data as standard vs. custom
  • Examine data quality

Solution Design

Solution Design=”hubspot-crm-solution-design-desc”>one pager with graphs and info on it
  • Plan a new data architecture
  • Define object mappings
  • Flag opportunities for data cleansing
  • Identify third-party tools necessary for migration
  • Establish project timing

Standard Migration

Solution Implementationsettings gear sourunded by a chain link of four checkmarks

For data that can be mapped to standard Hubspot objects, we will:

  • Clean data before import
  • Customize email subscription types, lists, etc.
  • Create custom fields
  • Prepare import files with object associations
  • Run a test import
  • Migrate data from your legacy CRM

Custom Data Migration

Custom Data MigrationVisual icon of documents with an arrow pointing toward a new device

For complex, large or multi-source data migrations to non-standard objects, we will:

  • Clean data before import
  • Create custom objects
  • Run a test import
  • Migrate data from legacy system(s)

Risk Mitigation Plan

Risk Mitigation Planclipboard with caution sign in front
  • Merge duplicate records
  • Populate missing data
  • Perform a delta migration
  • Confirm opt-in permissions
  • Check data syncing to outside apps

As a 3x accredited HubSpot agency partner, we’re also experts at:

Incorrect or incomplete data can ruin your new CRM

You may be eager to leave your clunky old CRM in the past, but the data it holds needs to live on in HubSpot.

If your needs go beyond a simple .csv upload, you could be in for a data disaster with incorrectly mapped fields or missing records.

The result? Customer records lacking crucial historical insights. Contacts with incorrect subscription types. Missing deals that mess up pipeline reporting. In short, total chaos.

Don't risk bad data in your new CRM
HubSpot Data Migration - Incomplete CRM Data

Get the historical data you need within your new CRM

To ensure your new CRM is set up for success, you need an expert with significant first-hand experience migrating data into HubSpot.

Our solutions go above the scope of typical marketplace apps or native import tools to make sure even the most complex and challenging data will be properly migrated to HubSpot.

No matter your legacy CRM or business model, we’ll get your old data ready to use within your new platform.

Migrate your data to HubSpot
HubSpot Data Migration - Historical CRM Data

We specialize in data migration for HubSpot users, just like you

We worked with Kiwi to onboard at HubSpot, migrating from another platform. They were flexible, responsive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend working with their agency!
James, TradeDay
James, Co-Founder and CEO

Move data from a legacy CRM to HubSpot

Ensure the historical data you rely on is available within your new CRM with the help of our data migration experts.

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