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New England Outdoor

Sales Hub implementation and platform integration for outdoor custom builders

The Challenge

New England Outdoor, builder of custom cabins, garages, sheds, pavilions and gazebos, had a tech stack and business processes that were disjointed, manual and slow.

Aside from ShedView, an online app that allowed visitors to build their own customized 3D structure, they didn’t have a true CRM to manage contacts and deals. That meant monitoring deal progression was difficult, customer outreach was reactive and tracking sales performance was nearly impossible.

It was even tougher for the builders on site, who needed a way to manage deals, respond to inquiries and make customer notes while on the go.

The Solution

New England Outdoor needed a mobile-friendly CRM and sales platform to replace their spreadsheets. Luckily, HubSpot Sales Hub Professional fit the bill!

Affordable and easy to implement, HubSpot was the accessible solution that didn’t require a dedicated resource to configure and administer. The HubSpot mobile app also allowed team members in the field to monitor inquiries, manage deals and communicate with both their co-workers and customers, all in real time.

Most importantly, HubSpot integrated seamlessly with their existing web app. This meant people creating designs on the website would automatically trigger a new deal in HubSpot (and alert the appropriate team member).

The Outcome

After successfully implementing Sales Hub Professional, New England Outdoor now has:

  • A comprehensive database of 10k contacts migrated from spreadsheets
  • Visibility across all team members, both in the office and out in the field
  • Automated sales processes to create and assign deals
  • Tools set up to nurture leads, send invoices and solicit customer feedback
  • The ability to accurately report on deal conversion