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Seamless HubSpot CRM implementation for brand-new users

As a HubSpot partner agency accredited in CRM implementation, our experts can successfully deploy HubSpot for everyone from small companies to large, global organizations with complex data requirements.

Don’t stick with your outdated or clunky CRM solely because of the challenges associated with transitioning. We can get your data and processes migrated into HubSpot without all of the hassle.

Implement HubSpot CRM

We’re pros at CRM implementation for HubSpot users, just like you

Our team met for two full days with Kiwi Creative on our HubSpot CRM Implementation—they were rock stars! We had a tight timeline to get this set up and rolled out to our team, so they were literally mapping things out on the wall and really understanding our complex business in a short time. Our interactions with this team have been first class!
Nick, Snap-on
Nick, Sales Support
Snap-on Business Solutions

Our CRM Implementation Process

System Analysis

System Analysismagnifying glass over a monitor analyzing information
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Define business requirements
  • Document existing sales processes
  • Audit existing technology stack
  • Examine data quality

Solution Design

Solution Design=”hubspot-crm-solution-design-desc”>one pager with graphs and info on it
  • Define lifecycle stages and lead scoring criteria
  • Define custom contact, company and deal properties
  • Define teams, permission sets, presets and partitioning rules
  • Define email subscription types
  • Define GDPR requirements
  • Define lead notification and assignment flows
  • Define pipeline and deal stage requirements
  • Define KPIs and appropriate reports
  • Create an app integration strategy

Solution Implementation

Solution Implementationsettings gear sourunded by a chain link of four checkmarks
  • Clean and import data
  • Customize lifecycle stages
  • Set up lead scoring
  • Create custom contact, company and deal properties
  • Set up user permissions and content partitioning
  • Create email subscription types
  • Implement GDPR requirements
  • Create forms and notification workflows
  • Set up multiple pipelines and customize deal stages
  • Create reporting dashboards
  • Connect apps

Risk Mitigation Plan

Risk Mitigation Planclipboard with caution sign in front
  • Merge duplicate records
  • Populate missing data
  • Perform a delta migration
  • Confirm opt-in permissions
  • Test form notifications
  • Confirm user permissions and team assignments
  • Check data syncing to outside apps

User Training

User Traininggroup of people at a table being trained
  • Topics relevant to sales reps, including how to:
    • Enter new contacts into the CRM
    • Create a deal and progress it through the pipeline
    • Log calls and notes
    • Complete or reschedule tasks
  • Topics relevant to managers, including how to:
    • Add new users to teams and remove/change permissions
    • Build custom reports
    • Set up process-based workflows
    • Structure lead and referral sources

As a 3x accredited HubSpot agency partner, we’re also experts at:

CRM migrations can wreak havoc on an organization

Without clearly defined goals, your CRM migration could take exponentially longer than necessary and not end up meeting your company’s needs.

Without buy-in from stakeholders, colleagues will use the system inconsistently and incorrectly.

Without a detailed risk mitigation plan, your data could get messed up beyond repair.

It’s almost enough to make you want to stick with your existing outdated system. Almost.

Prevent CRM migration chaos
CRM migrations can wreak havoc on an organization

Set up a robust CRM for long-term success

Partnering with a HubSpot CRM implementation expert is crucial to implement processes that work with your sales cycle, encourage user adoption and ensure data is squeaky clean. 

Your CRM will be a well-oiled machine that empowers your internal teams to execute impactful campaigns, keeps your sales cycle moving and ensures customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

Migrate your CRM with ease
Set up a robust CRM for long-term success

We’re pros at CRM implementation for HubSpot users, just like you

Kiwi Creative helped us every step of the way during our CRM migration. I can say that I feel prepared to help my team manage their records, launch campaigns and try new strategies in HubSpot thanks to their training and implementation sessions. We consider Kiwi to be an extension of our marketing team and always look forward to working with them and seeing what results they’ll help us produce next!
Nina, Marketer

Migrate to HubSpot CRM with confidence

Moving CRMs is a big undertaking, but our technical experts can deploy HubSpot for organizations with complex data requirements.

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