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Restorative Dentistry Group

Technical HubSpot solutions architecture and implementation for six prosthodontic dental practices

Restorative Dentistry Group
Restorative Dentistry Group - The Challenge

The Challenge

With six locations and a dozen providers, it was challenging for Restorative Dentistry Group (RDG) to log patient activity and report on performance across the entirety of the organization. Additionally, each location and its respective treatment coordinators managed the practice on separate spreadsheets, making it nearly impossible to monitor contact activities, lead-to-patient conversion rate and return on their nearly $25k per month per practice marketing spend. 

RDG was also dealing with gaps in their technical architecture. Their data was often self-reported by the patient, making it outdated, inaccurate or improperly formatted. Unformatted phone numbers, for example, meant that RDG couldn’t send notification texts. Net collections were also tricky to report on, with credit card companies taking a certain percentage from the patient’s payment and financing companies taking another percentage; without manual arithmetic, there wasn’t a way to run an equation with this many variables.

Restorative Dentistry Group - The Solution

The Solution

To create a holistic platform that served their employees as much as their patients—all while allowing practices access to much-needed insight—RDG knew that architecting a HubSpot-centered tech stack to consolidate their sales, marketing and service needs was imperative. Implementing Marketing, Sales, Service and Ops Hubs was the right combination for the job.

HubSpot allowed RDG to combine their disparate data into a singular solution, yet report on both individual practices and across the entire organization. Using a suite of HubSpot Hubs also created a consistent patient and employee experience from lead generation all the way through after care support. 

And to solve for RDGs technical challenges, it was Ops Hub to the rescue! The custom coded workflow option meant that phone numbers, whether existing or new, would automatically be reformatted so auto-SMS messages would send without a hitch. Data sets also allowed for complicated equations using several variables, allowing RDG to accurately report on per practice and total revenue less the percentage that was deducted for credit card and finance fees.

Restorative Dentistry Group - The Outcome

The Outcome

After implementing HubSpot, RDG was able to standardize their data collection and management process. They can also comprehensively report on individual practices as well as organization-wide performance, which has shown a 2x increase in lead-to patient conversion rate and ROI on outreach efforts.

Utilizing HubSpot, RDG now has the ability to:

  • Provide a seamless and consistent patient experience across all six offices
  • View and report on performance of individual practices and the organization as a whole
  • Easily transition patients from one practice to another
  • Track referring practice (both from other RDG branches as well as external providers)
  • Track lead source and understand advertising ROI
  • Solicit patient feedback

Hear from our happy client…

Everyone at Kiwi Creative has been wonderful—they're super friendly, efficient, organized and knowledgable. I know that I can count on them and if they don't have an answer, they'll find it. They're an invaluable asset to me as someone who is responsible for HubSpot for my entire organization. They makes me look good, which I appreciate.
Carrie, Restorative Dentistry Group
Carrie, Digital Marketing Director
Restorative Dentistry Group