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HubSpot integration and optimization for the first collaborative AR platform

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The Challenge

A long-time HubSpot user, Versapay’s portal had become a tangled web of data. Despite having a number of technical experts in their own ranks, the SaaS company hit a roadblock when getting Salesforce and HubSpot to talk with one another.

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The Solution

Initially identified as a lead stage sync issue between HubSpot and Salesforce, our experts eventually found out that naming conventions were not aligning between systems. By fixing the “field tracking history” property, we were able to get data to sync correctly.

Impressed with our technical expertise, Versapay had us continue with other HubSpot optimizations, including:

  • Lead scoring: We updated the definition of MQLs and created six new custom properties for both positive and negative scores. From there, we outlined “points” for content by stage of the buyer’s journey and in-depth firmographic data. This new system quickly received support from leadership and sales for its well-rounded coverage and higher threshold.
  • Workflow optimization: Versapay’s portal had close to 600 workflows; by identifying unused workflows and consolidating lead scoring workflows, we were able to reduce the total number by close to 20%.
  • Email testing: We developed a seven-step email testing program that their in-house team can use to test everything from CTA placement, to subject/from pairings to layout and more.
  • Landing pages: We built a single, flexible landing page template with multiple modules that could easily be added/removed with the drag n’ drop editor. Later, we added another template with even more functionality, like pop-up forms that showcase a video after form submission.
  • Form audit: We reviewed more than 300 forms for properties, hidden fields and ties to lists, workflows and emails. Many hidden fields used for lead scoring and Salesforce syncs were not updated when forms were cloned, leading to errors across the portal. We updated user permissions to ensure only select people could create forms and identified errors for team members to fix, reducing the number of sync errors significantly. 
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The Outcome

Today, we continue to work as Versapay’s go-to technical HubSpot support, fixing UTM tracking issues, cleaning up duplicate contact records in the CRM and monitoring the overall health of data with the portal.

Not only is their portal much healthier overall, but their new landing page (with a “get a demo” CTA) is now averaging 10x more submissions.

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