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Nautilus Data Technologies

HubSpot optimization and content-based email nurturing campaigns, enhanced by a comprehensive website redesign and development in WordPress


The Challenge

Nautilus Data Technologies, known for creating some of the world’s most eco-friendly, water-cooled data center infrastructures, faced challenges in maximizing the potential of digital tools to reach and engage their target audience. As a new HubSpot user, they needed expert help to leverage HubSpot’s Marketing Hub effectively for lead nurturing.

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The Solution

To address these challenges, we established a long-term strategic partnership with Nautilus, focusing on a multi-faceted digital transformation strategy, all backed by custom reporting dashboards in HubSpot:

  • HubSpot implementation and optimization: We developed custom lead scoring models and multiple email reengagement workflows to efficiently manage leads throughout their lifecycle. This was coupled with a streamlined HubSpot-to-Salesforce integration strategy for optimal data synchronization.
  • Personalized marketing automation: We implemented automated workflows and targeted segmentation to deliver personalized content timely, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.
  • Content strategy: We launched multiple lead nurturing campaigns utilizing bespoke content across blogs, social media and email marketing.
  • Website redesign and development: Following our successes in these areas, we confidently proposed and executed a complete overhaul of their website using WordPress and Elementor. The new site focused on usability, aesthetics and SEO-friendly content to further enhance user engagement and site visibility.

The Outcome

By utilizing workflows and lead scoring for almost 3,000 contacts, Nautilus is able to save hours each month over the previous method of manually updating data.

Our lead nurturing campaigns also performed much better than industry averages, with a 32% higher open rate and a 24% higher CTR. The result? 135 new MQLs!

The newly launched website is also showing immediate signs of improvement, including a:

  • 37% increase in sessions per visit
  • 2x increase in engagement rate
  • 442% increase in CTR from organic search

Our strategic approach to integrating cutting-edge technology with user-centric web design and robust digital marketing has not only improved key metrics across the board but also led to a multi-fold increase in monthly leads, setting Nautilus Data Technologies on a path for sustained future growth.

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