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An easy-to-update HubSpot website for grant management software

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The Challenge

AmpliFund had a great-looking website that was difficult to update behind the scenes. They were forced to write HTML code to get modules to function as expected, which meant an otherwise easy web update was taking hours of time.

AmpliFund sought out a new HubSpot partner who not only could rebuild the back-end of their website while maintaining the same design on the front-end, but also one that communicated clearly and provided a single-point-of-contact approach.

Amplifund trade show booth mockup
Trade show booth

The Solution

Our development team unraveled layers of complex code and discovered that one all-encompassing module was built rather than using HubSpot’s individual modules. That meant that each time AmpliFund wanted to add or update content on a page, they were challenged to hunt down the correct section to make edits.

Over the course of several weeks, we built new individual modules and rewrote CSS for a smoother back-end experience while maintaining a virtually identical look for front-end visitors.

In the process of fixing technical errors, we took the opportunity to improve a few sections of the website as well. For example, we created a more compact version of the footer and added extra functionality to the blog (related links, next/previous buttons and author links).

The blog and resource sections got an even bigger upgrade later down the road when our developers combined HubSpot tags and behind-the-scenes code to give users the ability to filter content by both sector and topic.

laptop and tablet mockups of Amplifund's blog
HubSpot blog

The Outcome

After rebuilding the back-end of the website, AmpliFund’s marketing team was thrilled that page edits were once again a simple task. In fact, by making these updates, we were able to cut their page build time by 50%, saving them hours of administrative time each week.

The new blog and resource filtering also led to an improved user experience, including:

  • 225% increase in CTA clicks
  • 3.7 minutes average time spent on blog pages—more than double the time spent on other sections of the website!

With the new blog- and resource-specific reporting in HubSpot, AmpliFund can now attribute blog posts to new contact acquisition, which is a huge step forward in attribution reporting. The tags also help them understand which landing pages and filter combinations users are most interested in while identifying holes in their overall content structure.

Hear from our happy client…

Kiwi consistently shows open and clear communication. They always have an agenda and follow-up action items so we can make the most of our time. They are very approachable, show creative problem solving, and have pleasant attitudes. Kiwi is a great extension of our team.
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