The Challenge

WAN Dynamics is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable companies in the space, but the entrance of new competitors, as well as the addition of new services in the WAN Dynamics portfolio meant that the messaging and marketing plan needed some thoughtful review and a strategic plan.  

The Solution

Through a combination of a branding and marketing workshop, we got to the heart of who really are the hottest prospects for WAN Dynamics, and more importantly, what those prospects care about most.

In any effective marketing effort, content is king—and the foundational pieces created from these workshops, like detailed buyer personas and brand briefs put WAN Dynamics in a position to create the content their prospects really need (and want!).

Hear from our happy client…

profile photo of Jason from WAN Dynamics

Being that our business is highly technical, it's hard to find marketing professionals that can distill what we do into a form most can understand. The team at Kiwi Creative really does this incredibly well and crafts our messaging in a really accessible way.