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The Challenge

Security MicroImaging Corporation was a technologically-advanced ECM (enterprise content management) company with a 40+ year-old name that was losing relevance and a brand identity that was primed for a refresh. Enter Kiwi Creative, a B2B technology marketing agency tasked with evolving their brand to better reflect the modern services they offered.

The Solution

We conducted category research, stakeholder interviews, and trademark and digital analysis to develop a new name: Kiriworks. The root word “kiri” comes from the Japanese paper-cutting art of kirigami—a metaphor for the beauty and efficiency of innovation. “Works” was added to acknowledge the company’s reputation for thoughtful, high-integrity solutions that work. The new logo is simple and contemporary, leveraging the period to reinforce that point.

Kiriworks’ single-point solutions and commitment to excellence. We developed brand guidelines, business cards, case studies, infographics and responsive email templates, plus reskinned the existing website to support the company’s transition to the new identity.

The Outcome

A seamless transition that has invigorated stakeholders and clients with a distinct, engaging and relevant vision for the future.

Hear from our happy client

Eric Willis from Kiriworks

We went from an idea to a complete new name and brand identity in less than four months. The team at Kiwi Creative guided us through the entire journey and offered an agile approach that allowed us to meet our aggressive timeline. To take a brand that has been around for over 40 years and create a new, fresh image is a tough task—we couldn’t have done it without our partners at Kiwi Creative.