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Content marketing and retargeting ads for SMB workforce management software
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The Challenge

Verint occupies a unique place within workforce management software: they provide solutions tailored to small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) whose needs drastically differ from large and multinational companies. Enterprise workforce management providers often focus on complex technology—such as artificial intelligence and machine learning—while Verint focuses on solutions specific to SMBs concerns, like workforce engagement, customer experience (CX) and efficiency issues.

As such, they needed a content strategy that would set them apart from enterprise solutions and generate qualified leads.

The Solution

To understand the unique needs of Verint’s prospects, we started with a deep dive into their current buyer personas with additional industry and competitor research. From there, we were able identify their buyers’ unique pain points and map them to the functionality within Verint’s software. Add in some SEO research and voilà—a content strategy was born: we would write keyword-optimized blogs with a CTA to a gated content offer specific to each of their software offerings.

To nurture these leads, we also wrote other content (like emails, white papers and social posts) and set up a retargeting campaign on Google’s Display Network.

The Outcome

With all of this new content, the resource section on Verint’s website is a goldmine of information for call center managers looking for ways to improve their workplace and employees.

Most impressive? Their first-ever Google Display Ads retargeting campaign was amazingly successful with a .55% CTR (vs. the industry average of just .07%), resulting in dozens of new leads coming in month-after-month from this one channel alone. With a “watch a demo” CTA, they’re paying around $11 for each new SQL.


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