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A brand refresh plus sales enablement materials for a cloud-based talent relationship management platform
  • IntraWorlds brand guidelines booklet mockups
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The Challenge

Like many other SaaS companies, IntraWorlds’ early marketing efforts were led by their small technical team and targeted a loosely defined audience. After several years of bootstrapping and stellar growth, they recognized the need to reimagine their brand into something that would visually convey the company’s true position in the market. 

IntraWorld’s biggest challenge (and opportunity) was the broad scope of their solutions, which include job candidate relationship management, employee and alumni engagement and the ability to build custom solutions on their platform. Further complicating this challenge was the fact that their ideal target audiences were largely undefined and they were presenting the same narrative to clearly unique audiences who each have different needs. More specifically, their technical team did a great job demonstrating the value of their cloud-based platform to IT leaders, but the company wasn’t speaking directly to business leaders in charge of talent acquisition.

The Solution

Through a series of interviews, working strategy sessions and tactical assessments, Kiwi established a powerful brand strategy for IntraWorlds that included core positioning and messaging. We compiled our strategic recommendations into an easy-to-follow brand guideline document that detailed the standards to follow for internal team members and external partners who participate in developing design assets for IntraWorlds.

Once we defined their brand, we built out a library of templates for their sales and marketing team to use, including a case study and a highly graphical PowerPoint deck. These templates showcase the company’s personality and follow their brand standards, but are easily customized for various use cases.

As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, we also helped them troubleshoot issues between their highly customized bi-directional sync with Salesforce.

The Outcome

With a solid brand guidelines document and a suite of on-brand collateral templates, the internal marketing team at IntraWorlds was able to take our foundation and build out future pieces in-house.

From a technical standpoint, data now flows property between HubSpot and Salesforce meaning everyone in sales and marketing has up-to-date information in the platform of their choice.


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