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A comprehensive HubSpot-centered retainer for an enterprise-level procurement SaaS company
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The Challenge

BuyerQuest is an enterprise procure-to-pay software that competes with massive organizations, like SAP and Oracle. While BuyerQuest has a superior product and big-name customers, they were struggling with relatively low brand recognition in their space, especially when compared to their publicly-traded competitors.

When searching for a marketing agency, BuyerQuest was looking for a HubSpot expert and true partner to help them tell a compelling story, generate leads and define meaningful KPIs. Kiwi Creative checked off all of those criteria and has evolved into their agency-of-record, leading the marketing efforts for a fast-growing company.

BuyerQuest’s growth and continued success led to a multi-million dollar acquisition by The ODP Corporation, during which Kiwi Creative quickly adapted to assist in navigating the new complexities and scaled marketing efforts.

The Solution

Initial Engagement

Having never worked with an outside agency before, BuyerQuest wanted to start with a smaller project to validate cultural fit and expertise: a HubSpot and Marketing Check. Trust was quickly earned and they signed up for a full website redesign within a month of onboarding.

Website Redesign

BuyerQuest’s built its original website internally and it lacked the overall marketing-focused strategy needed for lead gen. Working through our website process, we created a streamlined sitemap, user-focused wireframes and a dark mode design…all with the purpose of educating the visitor and driving them to convert.

Built on HubSpot’s CMS, the newly revamped website not only looks beautiful but acts as a guided storytelling tool to help prospects select the right solution.

Expanded Engagement

After the website launched, BuyerQuest decided to 2.5x their investment into a marketing retainer with our agency. This additional spend has allowed us to dig deeper into a variety of digital tactics, heavily targeted at driving lead generation via their new site.

We’ve led an SEO-driven content strategy that involves writing conversion-optimized copy for social posts, ads and more, while also supplementing efforts with blogging and premium content.

To nurture existing leads as well as new leads, we built out a suite of email templates and workflows within HubSpot.

There are several variations of landing pages that include traditional content downloads or a short demo video, but the coolest is the custom-built interactive ROI calculator, which generates a PDF report of potential savings based on indirect spend and number of employees.


Any acquisition can cause turmoil with changes in organizational direction, strategy and personnel. Our goal has been to be a source of stability and guidance during and after this transition. We maintain clear, organized communication among the many stakeholders on the BuyerQuest team.

We conducted an in-depth CRM clean-up and optimization process in order to step forward with a better foundation for the post-acquisition marketing efforts. We assisted in contact enrichment, provided best-practices guidance and built new reporting dashboards tailored to new KPIs chosen by leadership.

A key focus is the alignment of marketing and sales within the BuyerQuest organization. We ensure the sales process is a critical consideration while planning marketing tactics and overall strategy. This primarily drives a full-funnel approach leveraging the capabilities of HubSpot.

Most organizations feel the challenge of planning for the future vs. driving leads today. Our focus from the beginning is long-term strategic planning while using short-term (quick win) tactics to help generate leads in the present. This is crucial as part of aligning the marketing program with new strategies post-acquisition.

The Outcome

HubSpot Website Stats
Two months after launch, the revamped HubSpot website saw:
  • New visitors up 31%
  • Time per session up 19%
  • Page views up 52%
  • Bounce rate down by 4%
  • Organic search traffic up 82%
SEO Stats
  • 169,786% increase in impressions on SERPs (299,000 impressions in Jan. 2021 vs. 176 impressions Jan. 2020)
  • Increase in SERP by 25.3 positions…close to four pages!
  • 124% increase in users visiting the blog
Email Stats
  • 72% increase in emails opened
  • 113% increase in email clicks and 250% increase in email CTR
  • 48% increase in email traffic to the website
Social Stats
  • 225% growth in Twitter followers (less than $100 per month spend)
  • 60% growth in LinkedIn followers (mostly organic)
  • 182% increase in social traffic to the website
Conversion Stats
  • 125% increase in views of the forms on the site
  • 8% increase in form submissions

Hear from our happy client...

Kyle from BuyerQuest
I trust Kiwi to create strategy and then execute branding, content, SEO and advertising for us with minimal input or supervision. You guys run our marketing department from your wild green office and I love it.


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