Kiwi Creative Head Honcho Jen Lombardi
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Jen Lombardi

Head Honcho & Creative Genius

As a small business owner (and founder!), Jen splits her time between being a creative director, marketing strategist, business visionary, HR manager and bookkeeper. And she loves every minute it. (Who knew creative people could learn to appreciate Quickbooks?)

Jen is a 2005 graduate of the prestigious S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and has worked as the lead designer on big-name accounts like Verizon Wireless, Hyatt, Starbucks and Ocean Spray in her past life at advertising agencies around Cleveland. In addition to collecting quite a few accolades for her own work, she’s also been a two-time judge of the Webby Awards and a repeat speaker at several conferences, including HOW Design Live.

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Kaity Huff, Digital Marketing Director
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Kaity Huff

Digital Marketing Director & Craft Beer Nut

As our Digital Marketing Director, Kaity drives the development of inbound marketing and website strategies for our awesome clients. Her background in B2B software brings an important perspective to tech companies with complex product offerings. She’s a pro at weeding out what works and what doesn’t, honing in on a buyer persona and creating killer content.

Kaity likes her coffee black and her beer hoppy, and she’s a sucker for a taco food truck. In her spare time (of which she has very little with her toddler who runs faster than her), you’ll find Kaity sewing for her Etsy store or learning how to sail her boat that she bought on a whim.

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Jennifer Shaw, Graphic Designer
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Jennifer Shaw

Graphic Designer & Bicycling Enthusiast

Our graphic designer, Jennifer, is a proud typography nerd with a passion for all things related to design. She loves a creative challenge and will make sure your projects look amazing down to the smallest details.

When not designing, Jennifer enjoys drinking a lot of coffee, hiking the Akron Metroparks and biking. She recently adopted a Boston Terrier, Winnie, and is the #1 fan of the Gilmore Girls.

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Kiwi Creative Web Developer Ryan Patterson
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Ryan Patterson

Web Developer & Golden Retriever Dad

Ryan has been fascinated with technology for as long as he can remember, which has translated into a successful career as a web developer and usability expert. In addition to being a wizard of WordPress websites, he’s also well-versed in search engine optimization and other digital marketing tactics that are crucial to creating a well-rounded website design.

When he’s not in front of his computer, Ryan enjoys being outdoors and spending time with the world’s cutest Golden Retrievers: Layla and Sonny. He’s also a self-proclaimed amateur chef, which is amusing considering he’s a pretty picky eater.

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Kiwi Creative Digital Strategist Danni Bennett

Danni Bennett

Website Strategist & SEO Data Geek

A self-proclaimed “data geek,” Danni has a clear passion for all things related to online marketing and website development. Whether it’s organizing a sitemap, drafting wireframes, researching keywords, optimizing copy or reviewing analytics, she’s a crucial part of making sure all of our websites are equal parts form and function.

Fun fact: Danni has a Speedy Gonzales tattoo on her ankle. (Her maiden name is Gonzales. ¡Ándale!)

Tori Marketing Support Specialist
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Tori Bartolozzi

Marketing Support Specialist & Globe Trotter

Our Marketing Support Specialist, Tori, assists with all things sales and marketing. She brings several years of traditional and digital advertising experience, and she is our in-house Excel wizard. She is obsessed with consumer psychology, data-driven stories and making marketing and sales less sales-y.

Tori received her bachelor’s from Arizona State University and worked in San Diego for several years before moving back to her hometown in Northeast Ohio. She is currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Marketing at Cleveland State University. When she’s not crunching numbers or researching new ways to grow business, she enjoys playing with her dog Daisy and planning her next vacation.

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