The Challenge

The TrustedSec team relies on their website to be a cornerstone of their marketing strategy, housing topical content, speaking engagements and up-to-the-minute news.

However, there were a few challenges facing TrustedSec’s agile marketing department. Their old website relied on an unusual number of WordPress plugins and workarounds to update content. Integration with their CRM, HubSpot,  was basically non-existent, and there was little flexibility in managing content. Their inability to update their site at a moment’s notice was detrimental to keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing cybersecurity industry. 

Along with the backend issues, outdated website branding was causing confusion for frontend users. The branding of the site didn’t portray the company well and it was in need of a refresh that aligned with who they are, what they do and why companies should work with them today.

In the end, there were numerous reasons why the TrustedSec marketing team felt it was time to rework the entire website. They only had a small window to make an impression with visitors and they wanted it to be powerful.

The Solution

From the beginning, planning was key to the execution. The Kiwi Creative Website Strategist took the time to understand TrustedSec’s business and then looked at the website.

The number of web pages dedicated to services was overwhelming. Kiwi suggested taking control of the pages and, in turn, made significant changes in structure and navigation. While change can be difficult for some marketing teams, the strategist tactfully reviewed the site in a clear, organized way. 

Being educated in the industry and competitor insights allowed the Strategist to  make suggestions from a user point of view when jumping into the site map. 

Once the strategy was complete, the TrustedSec marketing team was introduced to the Kiwi Creative Website Developer. The Developer was patient with questions and took the time to explain options, realistically estimate effort involved and make expert suggestions. It was important to the hands-on team to know why and how the site was being created.

The project was held together with open communication and clear expectations from the Digital Marketing Manager and the site launched a few months from the initial kickoff meeting.

The Outcome

After the site launched, the changes for the marketing team were almost immediate. Uploading new content or making immediate tweaks were easy and effortless. Within a few weeks of launching the site, form fills, webinar views and overall site traffic increased to bring in new leads and extend SEO reach.

Internally, the cybersecurity consultants enjoy the site because their created content displays with their own profiles. They have been receiving great external feedback from outside contacts, such as Gartner. 

But it turns out that the group who raves about it the most is actually the marketing team themselves. With effortless usability, they are able to update the site with groundbreaking content every single day. After all, what is a website if not a living, breathing, content-house waiting to deliver the ultimate experience and knowledge?

Five months after site launch, traffic was up 38% and average session duration had increased by 12%, while the bounce rate had decreased by 2%.

Hear from our happy client…

profile photo of Nathan Noll from TrustedSec

We had a tremendous web redesign experience with the Kiwi Creative team, thanks to smart planning and strong project management throughout. Everything from their design chops to actual web development follow current trends and best practices and feel well thought out. Having been a part of poorly managed web projects with other agencies, I kept waiting for “the other shoe to drop” but it never happened. From project initiation to launch, they were a true partner.