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Snap-on Quick Quote logo

The Challenge

Snap-on had great name recognition, but no consistent branding for their technology-focused business solutions division that sold software to automotive dealerships. Enter Kiwi Creative, a B2B technology marketing agency who offered a personalized branding solution.

The Solution

Snap-on’s flagship product is an EPC (electronic parts catalog) that can be tailored to specific auto brands and dealerships. We were brought on as a creative partner to help with two projects related to their signature software. First, we designed a logo for “Quick Quote,” a quoting module within the EPC, which used masculine colors and strong typography to appeal to a parts manager in his mid-forties. Next, we created a postcard for Ford’s EPC 5 that promoted the customized software platform to their local dealerships. Utilizing a testimonial approach to show how “fast, intuitive and comprehensive” the program really was, we focused the design around Ford’s signature blue and a dramatic quote as the main headline.

Hear from our happy client…

Amy from Snap-on

We enjoy working with Kiwi. It’s great to work with a group of creative individuals who can help you expand your ideas to create a great message and visual marketing piece for customers.