The Challenge

After launching a microservices offering, Broadleaf Commerce wanted to make sure their branding fit who they were as a growing company. They were initially unsure if they needed a full brand revamp, just a branding for the new microservices or if they were already on the right track. Kiwi worked with them to host a brand strategy workshop that remained flexible to their needs.

After their microservices branding was defined, the marketing team required some additional assistance in design and strategy. The internal team was tasked with bringing in a hefty sum of sales qualified leads. They needed to work on a paid lead gen ad strategy along with their current paid nurturing ad strategy.

The Solution

Broadleaf Commerce asked for Kiwi to assist them in a brand exploration. They already knew who they were as a company but it was never clearly defined as a solid brand to grow on. During a full-day on-site workshop, the Kiwi team held an open discussion around Broadleaf’s how, what and most importantly, why.

After the session, Kiwi and Broadleaf partnered in a retainer relationship to help with design needs and overall marketing strategy. The team noticed that their blog was outdated and didn’t have the pull-through they were looking for. They were also looking to better understand their online presence. 

Focused on bringing in a specific number of leads, Kiwi worked on a few different paid ad campaigns based on specific decision-making personas within Google, LinkedIn Sponsored Content and InMail. The project included a light persona discovery, ad copy and the tactical building out and daily checkup of each platform. 

The Outcome

After the full-day branding workshop, Kiwi delivered a comprehensive product brand guide for Broadleaf Microservices, including moodboards, elevator pitches and a solid base for the product moving forward. From that discovery, Kiwi also updated Broadleaf’s brand style guide to include these updates and refined their overall branding/color standards.

Using the updated brand style guide, Kiwi developed wireframes and designs for the Broadleaf blog. These new designs supported their customer journey and allowed leads to move freely throughout their already engaging content. This included adding calls-to-action for demos throughout the blog pages and creating categories for the content. 

During this time, Kiwi conducted an SEO audit to ensure relevant keywords were used within the content. Development specs were delivered so that Broadleaf could use their own product as a CMS and their developers could execute the designs internally. With the new design up and running, users can now follow a category, an author or featured path with the new branding.

Once the nurturing strategy was aligned, Kiwi began work on a paid strategy to target decision-makers in Google and LinkedIn. Initially, their paid traffic was directed to their homepage. Kiwi designed, built out and A/B tested specific landing pages for each campaign. We also created ads to speak specifically to the pain leads were experiencing in an engaging, fun way that was rated above average. Overall, Kiwi was able to streamline the campaign process and Broadleaf was able to learn more about their c-suite personas.