Our Process

We’ve got a digital-first, integrated marketing mindset perfect for growing B2B tech companies

After years of working exclusively with B2B software/tech clients, we know what works—and what doesn’t.

Here’s how we’re different from other marketing agencies you may have worked with before…and why our proven process continues to produce impressive results for our tech clients on a daily basis.

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Other Agencies

  • Works with clients in every industry
  • Struggles to understand complex tech industry terminology
  • Spends months doing research and perfecting a strategy
  • Produces an inconsistent quality of work and often misses deadlines
  • Lacks in-depth technology experts
  • Locks you into year-long contracts with huge cancellation penalties

Kiwi Creative

  • Works exclusively with B2B software/tech clients
  • Experts in translating “tech speak” into a compelling marketing message
  • Jumps in to accomplish quick wins while also establishing a long-term strategy
  • Creates high-quality work delivered on time, every time
  • Specializes in all things HubSpot
  • Offers flexible retainer options that can increase/decrease at any time

Our tried n’ true process for sales and marketing success:

  • Take time for discovery

    While we’re experts in the software/tech industry, we want to get to know the ins and outs of YOUR specific company as quickly as possible.

    We’ll gather up info (and ask lots of questions!) about:

    Company goals How has your company evolved in recent years? What is the vision for the future?
    Competitive landscape Who are your top competitors? Why do you win/lose deals against them?
    Brand positioning Do you have a well-defined brand with writing/design guidelines?
    Buyer personas Who is your ideal customer/company? Is this information documented or just in your head?
    Marketing strategy What are you currently doing for marketing? Any huge wins (or big fails)? Do you have a thoughtful strategy or are you executing on random tactics?
    Technology What tools are you in your tech stack? Is data syncing correctly between platforms?
    Sales and marketing alignment Do sales and marketing work in silos or is there strong alignment between departments?

    Don’t fret that you won’t get a passing grade on all of the above items…no one does! (Otherwise why would you be looking to hire an agency in the first place?) We’ll work with you to fix any gaps that we find.

  • Create a goal-oriented strategy

    Got a long-list of tasks that were due, like, yesterday? We can definitely jump in to get some quick wins within the first few weeks of our relationship.

    That said, long-term marketing success is more than haphazardly trying out individual tactics: it’s dependent on a thoughtful strategy tailored toward your specific KPIs.

    These goals will be different for every tech company (and may include some foundational work, based on the results of the discovery phase), but could look like this:

    Goal Suggested Tactics
    Increase website traffic On-page SEO, blogging, pillar pages, G2 reviews, Google Ads, paid social, website technical tweaks
    Convert more leads Landing pages, content marketing, live chat, conversational bots, CTAs, pop-up forms, A/B testing, landing pages, smart content, webinars, website UX
    Nurture leads into SQLs Email marketing, workflows, video, retargeting ads, content marketing
    Close deals faster Lead scoring, case studies, sequences, meetings, playbooks, pitch decks, sales collateral, pipelines, forecasting
    Raise brand awareness or establish thought leadership Ungated content, podcasts, video, organic social media
  • Implement sales and marketing tactics

    Once we have a strategy in place, we’ll break out individual tactics into a shared spreadsheet we call your monthly “game plan.” This is also where we’ll track project status, budget and other important items.

    Then, it’s time for our team of marketing specialists to get to work! As a full-service agency, we have staff who are experts in:

    • Writing
    • Design
    • Development
    • HubSpot
    • SEO
    • PPC
    • Websites
    • Email
    • and much more!


  • Measure results and optimize tactics

    We’re big believers in transparency, so our retainer clients always have access to real-time reporting dashboards within HubSpot.

    But we know data can be overwhelming, so we also have regular review meetings to explain what items in our game plan are producing great results…and which ones should be adjusted going forward.

    Because we take an agile approach to strategic planning, it’s easy to adjust your game plan based on data.

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We offer a full suite of solutions to accelerate the growth of B2B SaaS and tech companies.

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Automate Your Funnel

Use HubSpot’s software to its full capabilities

HubSpot is a powerful software platform with the power to unite marketing, sales and service at your tech company…but only if everything is working together behind-the-scenes.

Our technology experts can help with onboarding, integrations, reporting and more—everything you need to run effective inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

Need proof? We’re a long-time HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner and part of their official Partner Scaled Onboarding Program.

Computer with magnet A computer with a magnet to illustrate digital marketing. Digital Marketing Generate better leads

Digital Marketing

Generate Better Leads

Improve lead quality and maximize ROI

We’ve got experts who specialize in strategy, design, writing, SEO, PPC and every other acronym in marketing.

That makes us well-versed in creating digital-first, integrated marketing strategies to get the quality (and quantity!) of leads your tech company needs to meet its growth goals.

Website with code An icon with a computer and code to represent websites Websites Optimize your website


Optimize Your Website

Create a better website experience for prospects

We blend modern web design practices with powerful functionality to create responsive, optimized websites for B2B software and technology companies.

By leveraging the versatility of WordPress and HubSpot CMS, we can help organizations elevate their online lead generation and digital experience to the next level.

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Clarify Your Story

Define your unique position in a competitive marketplace

Does your current brand match the growth vision set forth by leadership?

If not, it’s time to get back to basics and clarify your positioning, define your ideal buyer and revamp messaging/visuals to create a brand that’s uniquely you.

Why do tech companies love Kiwi Creative?

To say that Kiwi Creative makes my job easier is an understatement. They just “get” our business and understand the quality of work we expect without the hassle of having to over explain our projects. I know that when I give a project to Kiwi, they will get it done and done right!
Dayna from Pyramid Solutions
Dayna, Marketing Executive
Pyramid Solutions

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