HubSpot CRM Implementation

We help enterprise-level customers with HubSpot CRM implementation

As a partner agency accredited in HubSpot CRM Implementation, we have first-hand experience successfully implementing the HubSpot CRM platform with large, global, enterprise-level customers with complex requirements.

In addition to having advanced product-level knowledge, this means we’re well equipped to handle change management, project management, project planning and communication during CRM migration and implementation.

Our CRM Implementation Process

System Analysis

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Define business requirements
  • Document existing sales processes
  • Audit existing technology stack
  • Examine data quality

Solution Design

  • Define lifecycle stages and lead scoring criteria
  • Define custom contact, company and deal properties
  • Define teams, permission sets, presets and partitioning rules
  • Define email subscription types
  • Define GDPR requirements
  • Define lead notification and assignment flows
  • Define pipeline and deal stage requirements
  • Define KPIs and appropriate reports
  • Create an app integration strategy

Solution Implementation

  • Clean and import data
  • Customize lifecycle stages
  • Set up lead scoring
  • Create custom contact, company and deal properties
  • Set up user permissions and content partitioning
  • Create email subscription types
  • Implement GDPR requirements
  • Create forms and notification workflows
  • Set up multiple pipelines and customize deal stages
  • Create reporting dashboards
  • Connect apps

Risk Mitigation Plan

  • Merge duplicate records
  • Populate missing data
  • Perform a delta migration
  • Confirm opt-in permissions
  • Test form notifications
  • Confirm user permissions and team assignments
  • Check data syncing to outside apps

User Training

  • Topics relevant to sales reps, including how to:
    • Enter new contacts into the CRM
    • Create a deal and progress it through the pipeline
    • Log calls and notes
    • Complete or reschedule tasks
  • Topics relevant to managers, including how to:
    • Add new users to teams and remove/change permissions
    • Build custom reports
    • Set up process-based workflows
    • Structure lead and referral sources

Why do companies love working with us to implement HubSpot CRM?

Being completely new to HubSpot, it was quite overwhelming learning all the capabilities and functions of it. There were so many things, I wouldn’t have had any idea of where to start. Kiwi Creative took us through each one step by step. Everyone was always upbeat, kind and patient with us! Highly recommend to anyone.
Kathryn, Marketing Coordinator

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HubSpot CRM Implementation Accredited - Kiwi Creative
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