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Refreshed logo and accessible WordPress website for a PDF accessibility software and consulting services company
  • Equidox rebranded logo
  • desktop, laptop, and tablet mockups of Equidox's website

The Challenge

Equidox, a PDF accessibility software and consulting services company, was having a hard time being immediately recognized for its services. They were looking for a way to gain brand recognition and have a logo that says exactly what they do. There’s a lot about PDF accessibility that’s complicated to describe and understand, they shouldn’t have to overcome confusion with their brand as well.

The marketing team was also having a difficult time dealing with the backend of their website. Creating new pages, placing content around and basic updates were difficult at best. Their mission is to make information accessible and usable for everyone, including people who use assistive technology to access websites. Their website wasn’t achieving this goal.

The Solution

Before we addressed the website issues, we worked with the Equidox team to understand their customers, their challenges and dig into how their company helps those businesses share their information with a larger audience. This discussion helped us get to the heart of what Equidox can do in order to clarify who they really are. From there, we were able to design a clean logo that clearly defines what they do in a single glance before moving on to the website.

Equidox offers a variety of solutions and services that require a bit of background before prospects can select the best solution for what they need. We worked with the team to understand the different options and created a simplified sitemap and wireframes to balance the amount of text and allow users to find the answers to their questions as quickly as possible.

To ensure the website was as easy to use for backend users as it was for frontend users, we started with a fresh WordPress install, basic Foundation and minimal plugins. Our developers also created custom post types for several content types so the marketing team could upload information and have it dynamically pull into to strategically selected areas of the site. No need to sort through to find outdated content and replace it with the new.

Finally, as an accessibility software company, creating a website for the visually impaired was a must. This means more than just a clean design. It means approved color ratios, tab order, font sizes and more. Screenreaders and visual aids need to be able to interpret the page for impaired users in a meaningful way. No one should be left out.

The Outcome

They have a new modern logo with a tagline that will allow them to be recognizable. The tagline helps their audience know exactly what they do–sans lengthy explanation. Over time, the team should be able to start using the logo without the tagline and maybe someday, just use the icon on its own.

Their logo translated into a clean, streamlined, accessible experience for their website users. Now, anyone coming to the Equidox site can easily find a solution that fits their needs, answers to their accessibility questions and browse through their amazing content. Users with assistive technologies can use the site as easily as the average visitor and enjoy a seamless experience.

Their website users responded well to the updates! Since all their information was easier to find, after 30 days they saw a 103% increase in average time on page and a 43% improvement in the site’s exit rate. They started ranking higher in organic search due to the clear information architecture, causing a 97% increase in organic search traffic and 26% increase in their blog. Overall, the site saw a 36% increase in users.

When it comes to information, everyone should be included. Now the Equidox website is one step closer to making that happen.

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