Wondering what it's like to work with our agency? Check out the FAQs below or hit us up in the chat pane.

  • What does Kiwi Creative do?

    Kiwi Creative is the go-to marketing agency for small- to mid-sized B2B software and technology companies looking to develop an authentic brand, increase lead generation and enable their sales team.

    As a full-service studio and HubSpot Gold Agency Partner, we can help your organization:

    • Clarify your story and visual identity through branding
    • Attract, nurture and convert new leads through inbound marketing and web design
    • Target specific individuals through account-based marketing
    • Close more deals through sales enablement


    Within each of those service areas, we use a slew of specific marketing tactics. For example, lead generation can include things like social media, PPC or content creation, all the way up to a fully integrated marketing campaign.

    In short, we do everything typical of a full-service marketing agency. And in the rare case that you need something outside of our expertise, we’re upfront about that and we have some great contacts we can put you in touch with.

  • Why are you the best agency partner for software/tech companies?

    We’re knowledgeable in your industry.

    We have years of experience working with B2B software and tech companies, so we understand how to simplify a complex product/service into a compelling marketing message. We partner with clients in a variety of tech sectors, such as:

    • Data Centers
    • Cloud Computing
    • Cybersecurity
    • Healthcare IT
    • Logistics Tech
    • MSPs
    • SaaS
    • System Integrators
    • Telecom
    • VARs

    We’re qualified.
    We’re a HubSpot Gold Agency partner and every member of our team holds multiple inbound marketing certifications. We’re also a Databox Registered Partner.

    We’re creative.
    Our conference room showcases a bookcase lined with trophies from GDUSA for our graphic and website design. After all, your marketing better look as great as it reads to keep people engaged.

    We’re growing.
    Recently named the #10 fastest-growing company by Weatherhead 100 (Upstarts category), we’ve been in business since 2011. Just like your tech business, we’ve got aspirations to grow by becoming the best in our industry.

  • What marketing automation tools do you use?

    We’re a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner, but also have extensive experience in Act-On. A few of our clients use Pardot and Marketo, as well.

    We can also use Google Analytics, Databox, Unbounce, Drift, MailChimp, Constant Contact and more.

  • But what if we already have an in-house marketing department?

    That’s awesome…so do most of our clients. We’re used to working alongside your team for support with one-off projects or ongoing retainer relationships.Within tech organizations, our day-to-day contacts typically work in one of these three roles:

    • Marketing: Responsible for generating leads and helping the sales team, but doesn’t have necessary resources (or time!) to do everything in-house.
    • CEO/Founder: Needs to hit growth goals set by investors or a board of directors and often isn’t a marketer by nature, but knows how important it is to have the right marketing team.
    • Sales/Biz Dev: Responsible for growing the business and balancing the prospect, client and organizational needs; knows that it’s a huge advantage to have marketing support for things like lead nurturing and sales literature.

    P.S. If you’re a start-up tech company without an in-house marketing department (yet!), we can also work as an outsourced CMO or entire marketing department.

  • How much do your services cost?

    The answer, of course, is “it depends.” We don’t offer preset “bronze,” “silver” or “gold” packages because what works for you won’t necessarily be what works for another tech client.

    Have a specific project in mind? Awesome…we can provide you with a flat-rate, one-time quote.

    Want to work with us on an ongoing basis? We’ll write up a monthly plan based on “points”— our way of ensuring clients get the full value of every dollar spent, regardless of how many hours it takes to deliver.

    That said, here are some very large ballpark ranges for some of our more popular services:

    • Monthly retainer: $4-10K+
    • Marketing strategy: $5-10K+
    • Branding workshop: $5-10K+
    • Logo redesign: $4-8K+
    • Custom website redesign: $30-50K+
    • HubSpot training: $4-8K+
    • HubSpot set up: $4-8K+

    As you can see, our fees are similar to what you’d pay to hire one or two employees on salary, but you get the expertise of an entire team of strategists, writers, designers and developers.

  • What are "points"?

    For organizations looking for ongoing inbound lead generation and conversion optimization, we recommend an ongoing and flexible level of engagement. That said, we use a point pricing model to ensure clients get the full value of every dollar spent, regardless of how many hours it takes to deliver.

    Points represent a fixed unit of value for the deliverables you receive as a result of our work. Points are allocated monthly, giving the flexibility to adjust the tactical plan based on campaign performance and results. Our clients love this approach because you can:

    • See exactly where your points are going every month
    • Increase or decrease the number of points at any time
    • Bank or roll over up to 10% of your points
    • Opt-out of the relationship at any time with a 30-day notice
    • Reserve 10% of your points for monthly strategy and reporting
    • Pre-pay for points in advance of the month’s work while paying media costs directly to the vendor
    • Have peace of mind knowing the Kiwi team is working as an extension of your team
  • What could a sample retainer look like?

    Using points to ensure our clients get the full value of their investment, and frankly, to make everything easier to track (on your end and ours!), you get a custom points plan for your unique business goals. Here’s an example of a one-month plan:

    • eBook with design…40 pts
    • Automated lead nurturing…6 pts
    • New corporate brochure…24 pts
    • Blog posts x2…16 pts
    • Social ads…7 pts
    • Strategy and reporting…11 pts


    Have a writer on staff and don’t need our help there? Great!

    Have the content and just need help promoting it? Awesome!

    Have a whole team but just need more leads? We can help!

    We always put together plans to meet your unique business goals. No two plans are alike.

  • How do you kick-off new relationships?

    If you have a one-off or short-term need, we’ll give you a flat-rate quote for your specific project. If you need ongoing, strategic help, we need to make sure you have a branding platform, marketing strategy and technology stack in place before we can start a retainer relationship. To see if you need one of our workshops before we work together, check out this infographic.

  • I want to get started…what’s next?

    Awesome-sauce…just book a time to chat here!

    Want to prep for our phone call? Here’s what we’ll ask about:

    • The current state of your branding and marketing, including what capabilities you have in-house
    • What software you’re using to power your marketing and sales efforts
    • Your future goals, including what KPIs would define success
    • How quickly you want to reach your goals
    • A reasonable budget

    If you don’t know the answers, that’s okay…we’re here to help. And we’ll be honest if we’re not a good fit and try to provide a referral.