The Latest Blog Posts About Coronavirus

Tech Marketers: Here's What NOT to Post on Social Media During a Crisis

Self-isolation and social media go together like peanut butter and jelly…and you’ve probably got a lot of both stockpiled in your house nowadays.  If you’re like most Americans, you’re spending several hours a day getting lost in...

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Using Data to Make Faster Marketing Decisions in a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has been described as a “once in a generation” crisis, a “black swan,” and a “war on an invisible enemy.” Whatever you call it, one thing is for sure: it’s impacting all of us and it’s tough not to panic....

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Planning for Web Traffic Declines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the economy. As of March 24, 2020, 13 states have executed shelter-in-place orders. As a result, some 167 million Americans in 17 states, 18 counties and 10 cities are either working from...

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Do This Not That: Switching Marketing Tactics During the Coronavirus

Trade show cancelled? Digital engagement tanking? Welcome to the new reality of marketing your B2B tech company during the coronavirus crisis. Should you throw in the towel and just give up on marketing for the short-term? (Hint: this blog post...

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Five Simple Ways Tech Marketers Can Stay Secure While Working Remotely

While working remotely is natural for some tech marketers, many are facing a period of transition during the coronavirus pandemic. Tech marketers no longer have a clear distinction between their "work" space (i.e. the office) and their "home"...

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Panic, Plan or Persevere: B2B Tech Marketing During the Coronavirus Crisis

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy motivational poster, we all know that during a crisis there are only two things you can control: your attitude and your actions.  In our experience, we’ve seen B2B tech companies go down one of three...

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We’re here to answer your questions.

We get it…these are uncertain times. That’s why we’re here to support the tech marketing community by offering free guidance on any challenges you’re facing. You’ll hear back from us with a personal response…And might even find your question featured in an upcoming blog post.

FAQs About Marketing During COVID-19

  • How can we address the crisis without coming off as opportunistic?

    Marketers should not use this situation as a chance to get noticed or try to otherwise profit from coronavirus.

    COVID-19 isn’t a trending hashtag that you should start using to get attention. This isn’t a chance to start a new campaign. This isn’t the time for “going viral” videos. This is a serious crisis affecting lots of people.

    It’s ok to want to do something positive and show support around a positive trend. But make sure you think through your ideas and ensure that they will be well-received by your target market.

  • All of my events are cancelled...what do I do now?

    When one particular marketing channel is no longer usable you have a few options:

    • Accept that your live events are cancelled and wait until next year
    • Take the funds that were allocated to events and put them into another marketing channel
    • Use this opportunity to try some new tactics that you’ve been wanted to test out

    This is a great time to recreate the event experience online with webinars and video content. You can still deliver learning in a digital way through these portals or host a live feed on social media. One positive is that people can interact with you that may have not been able to attend your event in the first place.

  • What if corporate cuts my marketing budget?

    This is certainly a possibility although we’d suggest being prepared with data to show that in times of crisis- its actually more important to market, not less.

    Whatever your budget, you will likely need to be more aware of metrics and performance so that you can make data-driven decisions. This means setting appropriate goals and having the means to track your campaigns.