Authentic brands for B2B software and technology organizations

Whether you’re a new startup or looking to disrupt a category, we strive to create strong technology brands that increase sales and create customer loyalty.

Brand Strategy

What does your company stand for? Who do you want to impact? During our B2B branding process, we’ll nail down your organization’s brand architecture, unique positioning and authentic personality into a powerful report that will be the blueprint for all future branding and marketing efforts.

Our brand platform report often includes:

  • Mission: highest driving purpose of company…the “why”
  • Vision: specific path to accomplish the mission…the “how”
  • Core services: clear description of the services/products offered…the “what”
  • Core values: authentic beliefs that should be exuded by all employees…the “who”
  • Brand differentiators: how your aspirational brand stands apart from the competition…your unique position in the marketplace

Brand Copywriting

What are the key messages you want to tell customers about your solutions? What’s the overall style of the copy you’ll write? We’ll develop a messaging platform that will outline selling points and tone of voice through real-life copywriting examples.

Our brand messaging report often includes:

  • Key messaging: primary/secondary “selling points” for the new brand, including potentials for disconnect (hurdles/ objections that need to be addressed)
  • Personality adjectives: humanizing traits/characteristics of the brand
  • Voice and tone: defining the overall “sound” of the brand
  • Creative translation: high-level recommendations for how to translate branding into creative execution

Brand Design

We create logos and supporting design systems that complement the strategic positioning of every brand. An equal balance of style and symbolism, our logo designs are meant to stand the test of time and work well in a variety of size and color formats. We also design core identity system components, such as business cards, letterhead and more.

Brand Execution

The official “rulebook” for your organization, a brand standards guide is a must-have document for in-house marketers and agencies alike to successfully execute on a new brand. This guide lays out visual rules—such as the dos and don’ts of logo usage, fonts and colors—as well as include brand positioning and key messaging copy.

We can also work with your team on a brand rollout strategy to effectively deploy your new brand to the public through online and traditional channels.

Brand Measurement

Brand awareness can be less straightforward to measure than digital marketing, but it’s still doable! We can help define KPIs, the measure these targets via surveys, web traffic, social listening and more.


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