A nationwide provider of comprehensive background checks and employment screening solutions.

The Challenge

IntelliCorp is a leading provider of background checks and employment screening. While they are a technology-focused company that capitalizes on a lot of digital marketing tools, they had not been taking advantage of LinkedIn.

The Solution

As a B2B marketing company, we explored the current marketing practices followed by IntelliCorp to better understand their brand and messaging. We then conducted interviews with the President, Marketing Director and other executives to learn about the company, its history and the services offered, as well as each individual’s background, skill sets, accomplishments and interest.

Following the best practices for marketing on LinkedIn, we wrote (or re-wrote) the profiles for 10 key company leaders, crafting compelling profile headlines, summaries and work histories for each, as well as an SEO-friendly company page description.

We also designed branded imagery for both profile backgrounds and the company page, plus provided customized step-by-step recommendations for using the marketing and sales tools provided by LinkedIn. IntelliCorp also received a customized guide for the executives to use as well as a corporate marketing/sales guide that distilled our recommendations for getting the most traction with LinkedIn’s free features.

The Outcome

IntelliCorp has implemented the revised profiles and begun using powerful tools to build their brand and social selling practices.

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